Trident 18.12 Release and wine configuration


Hi. I managed to configure wine. I anyone is interested.
you have to install
pkg install wine
pkg install qt4-wine
pkg install i386-wine-3.0.4_1,1

ones all packages are install start application -> Games -> Q4Wine per gui and run through the wizard. leave everything on default.
The important page is the wine Version Manager

Binary /usr/local/bin/wine
Server /usr/local/bin/wineserver
Loader /usr/local/bin/wine
Libs 32: /usr/local/lib32/wine


Thanks for the info because I noticed that playonbsd is not in the Trident 18.12 package manager.


parts require python 2, which is deprecated.

you’d need to file a bug report with that porter/maintainer


I have i386-wine-devel installed here. So far, so good.


PlayOnBSD requires python 2.*, so broke at the moment


PlayOnBSD is not a big deal for me… It’s just a nice to have kinda thing. I didn’t realize that python 2.x was deprecated.