Trident 18.12 Prerelease 2: Chromium Issue

I saw Jan Beich's comment about linking mplayer with lllvm50's ld

chromium takes several hours on my measly build box so I didn't try
compiling and linking from scratch.

Hopefully the FreeBSD and llvm developers come up with the real fix.



Yes , chromium build is really long, it took about a quarter of a working day on 8-core machine (make -j8)…


just got word from @beanpole135;

Ken Moore, [02.01.19 16:45]
The chromium issue is a more widespread issue with glib2 on freebsd. Lot of people asking/talking about it on the bug tracker


Please check attachments for potential patches that resolve the error:


I tested the patches proposed on bugtracker but the discussion seems to yet reach conclusion on upstream fix (where it should be: FreeBSD or LLVM). So I am proposing to put the linker script patch in trueos-ports

chromium built from ports works for me and also resolves the muted
audio output issue.


why build from ports?

the package works just as well

I have muted audio with the chromium-68.0.3440.106_7 package ,
but the chromium-71.0.3578.98_2 port is loud and clear.