Trident 18.12 install issues on Toshiba laptop


I have an old Toshiba laptop with TrueOS Desktop 18.03 installed.
I’ve tried to make a fresh install of Trident 18.12 Release as advised but:

  • Vesa driver failed to set up and I’ve get a text login.
  • I’m logged in with root and loaded the Radeon driver, checked the present of the hardrive with “gpart show”, it’s OK. And then manually started start-trident-installer script
  • Got the GUI installer with Keyboard button greyed.
  • Cannot go further because the hard drive is not detected
  • I’m stuck !!!


I was stuck there, too. When in the installer GUI, try dropping to terminal. Login: root, then run -> service moused restart, and then run —> start-trident-installer. After the installer started again, Keyboard wasn’t greyed out anymore. (Got the tip from @RodMyers).

Good luck!


Yes !! It’s installed but with lots of pain, here is what I did:

  • First I bought a USB stick. write on it with dd the 18.12-U1 iso.
  • Boot with it and get the GUI installer but the hard drive wasn’t seen.
  • Go to terminal, login with root and run start-trident-installer
  • Miracle! Hard drive was seen and I could choose “install to new BE”
  • Create a user with same UID, in fact the first user is by default created with uid 1001.
  • Install started and completed with success
  • But the video driver is vesa, the radeon GPU was not detected although “about” see it.
  • Trying to load radeon driver radeonkms.ko from loader.conf without success.
  • Have to load radeonkms.ko from rc.conf. Drivers loaded after reboot but Xserver still be vesa.
  • I then deleted /usr/local/etc/X11/xorg.conf. Reboot, again vesa is used in the newly created xorg.conf.
  • Thinking about the old Trueos 18.03 desktop BE. I mounted it and get my old /etc/X11/xorg.conf (with radeon defined in it).
  • Reboot, X server didn’t start and I 've got a text login. Logged in as root and launch Xorg -configure, that created /root/ I then renamed and copied it in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
  • BTW, the screen driver is “modesetting” in xorg.conf
  • Reboot and YES YES YES it works.
  • I still had to change the DPI at login screen, use medium.
    So I’ve got a Trident 18.12-U1 on my old laptop after lots of pain but I’m happy.