Transfer trueOS to another SSD


Hello !

How can I transfer my complete trueOS installation to another SSD ?

(now I have trueOS on nvme1 but I will transfer the complete OS to nvme0 now)

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You can take a look at this thread.
Obviously there is not much but the dd command seems to do the job.


I use dd to have a ready cloned TrueOs backup full working from an usb stick to another, needing to run TrueOs installed on an usb volume in order to keep my hd (win10 installation and boot sector) safe from accidental data deletion or alteration.

Cloning with dd is a simple and effective way to transfer a bootable system from a volume to another. You just make sure that the destination volume is at least same physical size or larger than the origin volume size, not even a single byte less.


More details to be found here: