Tor mode works!


You welcome


When the script starts (enabling tor) it inserts a proxy for DNS in the firewall script. That proxy uses SOCAT. The DNS queries that head through SOCAT fail. So you can manually put a tor-proxy for DNS in the browser but that does not solve other problems … all other services other than the browser fail. using the proxy in the browser is a temp work around but doesn’t really solve the core problem.


how are you enabling the TOR mode?


With the Route through TOR menu item on the network status indicator in the lower right corner. Or with the supplied TrueOS script enable-tor-mode which is executed by clicking on the route through tor menu item.


Follow the instructions the OP has at the top. making sure you have tor running.

easier to run. and it works


I can do that, sure, but frankly I’d rather use a Proxy and

  So if the built in TOR scripts are not being maintained or used

anymore then the script and menu item should be removed.

  And the browser option is not industry standard security. 

Identity leaks that way more often.

  It does not torify the entire network they way PCBSD used to when

this worked.



with a small dev team, items have been prioritized.

Vidalia was depreciated by the tor team 3 years ago, no longer available.

Bug Ticket submitted for the menu item


Guys,have not tried this config yet on Trident. But with Rob, we tried this on TrueOs, as Troub stated “Identity leaks”, so double check for DNS leakage. Just to make sure that it’s safe & secure, before you go out there on WWW.
But what do I know, as most of you know, I’m no techie …


@mystified1234 feel free to try on trident.

Firefox, again, will probably continue be an issue


Not sure how secure this is, but I use Tor (on FF) and ‘not Tor’ (on Falkon) simultaneously.

To achieve this I:

  1. used* ‘bsdconfig networking’ to set up the system gateway address, pc address and DNS nameservers. This is what Falkon uses.

  2. set up FF as directed above except I didn’t check ‘Proxy DNS when using Socks v5’. Thus Tor ignores my preferred DNS for what ever it uses by default.

  3. checked my visible IP address by visiting [Global Whois Search] to show my IP.

The addresses shown in FF and Falkon at the same time are different - different countries.

  • The inbuilt network manager application hasn’t worked for me for a long time as it fails to let me use the Comodo nameservers nor specify my PC and gateway addresses.



on FF , I use the addon
Proxy Toggle

this way I can easily switch when I need to