Tor mode works!


Just tested Trident Tor mode and its works.
Here is what you need to know to get tor working:

1 there is no tor package installed by default, so you need to install it: sudo pkg install tor
2 start tor service: sudo service tor start
3 configure your browser as in picture Falkon:

4 configure Firefox as in picture:

Now your Trident tor mode works!

Note: in tor mode you cant use pkg to install/search packages and other network tools like fetch.


was told by one of the devs, this line is not needed;

sudo sysrc tor_enable=YES

many thanks for tinkering with this


Ok thank you, will edit the post!


thank you for the post. was on my list of things to get working

Posted the link for @beanpole135 to look over, and that is what he recommends


Tnx! :sunglasses:


Hi There,

Very glad to have stumbled across this post as this here newb has been wrestling with this since last evening…

I installed Tor as figured that must be a prerequisite, my rational being I couldn’t see anything resembling a binary despite the presence of Torrc. I configured Firefox exactly as shown above, both with and without the DNS box checked but despite Tor registering as being active I am having no look reaching the check page or any other… I have consulted var/log/tor in the hope this might yield some clue as to what is amiss but this is empty!

Would anyone have any inkling as to what I’m missing here… I considered whether something as elaborate as Port forwarding might be required in the Router, but having successfully run Tor Browser in Nix not two days ago, I’m assuming that shouldn’t be necessary here…?




Did you installed tor? sudo pkg install tor?


Hi There…

I installed Tor via AppCafe. Then enabled it before enabling Tor Mode, but after having configured Firefox and then closed FF down (triggered/prompts to reopen once Tor Mode enabled…).




Have you changed something in torrc?


Not a thing.


Close the FF and sudo service tor restart and try launch FF with dns box checked maybe it helps


Do you have any addons installed in firefox?


Hi again. Apologies for the delay there… Restarting Tor was a no-no as it produced an error, even after I chose to ‘Restart The Network’ from the tray and having disabled Tor mode. Rebooted in the end.

Re AddOn’s I do… NoScript/UBlock Origin/Privacy Badger/Canvas Blocker… for the most part, what comes with Tor Browser (ESR). Should it warrant a mention I also have media.peerconnection.enabled set to false to disable WebRTC support.


Try run sudo service tor start without tor mode enabled and launch FF


You are on Trident Release or RC/PR?


Will give it a go now… The latest Trident ‘RELEASE’ (not shouting!)…


there is a FF add-on that enables/disable tor.

i got it working as @chkp stated in original post


Interesting… After starting Tor manually having first ‘flicked’ Firefox back to the requisite Proxy settings… Tor Check proclaims that I am now successfully running Tor configured correctly…! Woot.

Not sure where that leaves me though, as installing Tor manually, configuring ones Browser and then starting Tor from the Command Line… Great that that approach works but not especially surprising and seems somewhat at odds with having the very impressive and have never seen before Tor Mode ‘switch’ which I hoped would mitigate having to do that each time… Not wishing to negate the work that has clearly gone into creating this…!


I am using TorSwitch which does mirror the manual affecting of the Proxy settings but it did need the DNS box checking manually… Does retain that though once enabled thereafter and is a lot easier than going through the setting each time it has to be said…

I had hoped that jump starting Tor via the ‘Mode’ facility would have been more convenient/practical than as an alternative potentially having to jump start Tor from the CLI when the need calls, or having it set to perpetually be running in the background (daemon?) at each boot… :frowning:


Ponders: wonder whether the Torrc file produced by activating Tor Mode before actually installing Tor potentially results in some corruption when Tor started in earnest for the first time and creates another…?

Anyway… working for now handsomely… Thanks for your help!