Time sync problem


Just installed on my Lenovo ideapad 310 laptop. Same problem with the time.

What I did:-

  1. vi /etc/rc.conf. Updated as per vit and bsdtester.
  2. Went into console/terminal mode, type in: sudo date 1630(local time(allow you to update the time only))
    Worked for me. My time is now local and up-to-date.


Thanks, I’ll try it. At this point however, I don’t seem to even have rc.conf installed (If that is possible).


I had to boot from ‘initial boot env’ as system stopped booting. Updated to current version. Time problem still there. However, for now I changed my timezone to Anchorage, AK. It now shows correct time for me. When I do a clean install of next version, the last one before the migration, I plan to check the box for universal time, as my cmos is set to that. Hopefully that will solve it. Otherwise, I’ll have to continue pretending I’m in Alaska.


I had an issue with ntpd not syncing. I found that the ntpd.drift file was empty and that ntpd did not seem able to create the file.

%  sudo ntpd -s
/var/db/ntpd.drift is empty

Create the file with the content 0.0.
% sudo echo 0.0 > /var/db/ntpd.drift

Try synching again
% sudo ntpd -s

Hopefully the following outputs the correct date and time.
% date

After doing this time has synced on startup.


Thanks for the suggestion, but at this point I’m OK with being in a different time zone, if it gives me correct time. I’m planning on a clean install when the next version comes out, and hoping to solve the problem at that point.


I had same issue with clock not being synced. Weird, but using sudo did not work, I had to su, to enable changes:

samob@trueos:~ % sudo echo 0.0 > /var/db/ntpd.drift
/var/db/ntpd.drift: Permission denied.
samob@trueos:~ % sudo ntpd -s
/var/db/ntpd.drift is empty
samob@trueos:~ % su -
root@trueos:~ # echo 0.0 > /var/db/ntpd.drift
root@trueos:~ # ntpd -s
root@trueos:~ # date
Mon Jul  9 17:43:27 CEST 2018
root@trueos:~ # less /var/db/ntpd.drift


Well, suddenly today my time is correct. I did not do anything. Was it an update perhaps?


i can almost guarantee there has been NO update in a while :wink:


Oh well, It’s 4 hours off again. Guess I’ll have to move back to Alaska.