Time (Lower Right Corner of Screen) Incorrect - Fix


I selected Eastern time zone after installing the current stable TrueOS but the time never seemed to work, it was off by hours. (Note: this might be unique to me, low internal motherboard battery…etc., don’t know).

In my case, the following two entries to /etc/rc.conf fixed it and it started working right after I rebooted.



OpenNTPD is the time mechanism of choice; the config file for it lives over in /usr/local/etc/ntpd.conf instead of /etc/ntpd.conf and has a different format than ntpd.
The command:
ntpctl -sa

from a terminal will tell you the state of sync.
If you are not dual booting you want the BIOS clock to be set to UTC (EDT+4, EST+5) not to local time.


OK, great.

Thanks !!