The Need for a better network manager


I think that lumina needs a better network manager which includes profiles for each network interface.

Especially for the use on notebooks which regularly change location and networks.

Is a new network manager or improvements on lumia in progress??


It is possible to have network profile support by leveraging OpenRC. I agree the networkmanager does need attention at some point.


but asking nicely is better than demanding


That is true.Rod… I hope that i don’t sound rude?! and i really do not try to demand anything.i apologize for the selection of my words. I should have used the term “there is a need…” The developer team are doing really great work. I sure that my query is already on the Road map. I am just curious. .

The people at trueOS including you are Super helpful and i am glad to have you around in telegraph and on discourse. I think most exciting things in terms of OS development is currently the project at trueOS.

I would like to contribute to project too. My idea was to collect all specification for the network manager. So me and developers have a pictures of all functions that may be included for a great network manager.