Thanks Project Trident devs


I want to thanks BSD team for Project Trident, i’m trying RC3 and works good, some little trouble but i’m sure that will be solved. I’m a Linux user (i hate Microsoft) and i wait for a final release of this fantastic BSD world. Good luck and good job from Italy.


I would like to thank the Trueos community for their excellent and helpful posts which helped me either get around or fix problems. Also, since I tried this right at the 18.03, 18.06, Project Trident transition its expected to be a little a rough.

This is my experience:

Downloaded TrueOS 18.06 img

  • dd as prescribed to put it on a 16GB USB2 stick (+worked)
  • installed TrueOS 18.06 on a second 16GB USB3 stick (using USB2 ports on a laptop took hours) (+worked)
  • Surprise its a text only system, no Lumina Desktop, this was clearly spelled out but still ;-( (+worked)
  • Attempted migration from Project Trident repos, passed trueos-update check but upgrade failed (-did not work)
  • errors about incompatible ABI FreeBSD 12 not 13 (-did not work)

Downloaded TrueOS 18.03 img (NO UPGRADE PATH)

  • switched to a desktop PC much faster install (+worked)
  • dd 16GB USB2 stick (+worked)
  • installed TrueOS 18.03 on a second 16GB USB3 stick (+worked)
  • tada a fresh TrueOS 18.03 Lumina Desktop install (+worked)
  • Installed nvidia drivers (+worked)
  • ran nvidia config settings (+worked)
  • No current update for firefox (-did not work)
  • qterminal windows do not move (-did not work)
  • ZFS nicely setup, Lumina desktop and tools pretty nice (+worked)

To do:
Repeat above with 18.11 release

Helpful posts: