Thank you for offering and sharing TrueOS, Lumina Sysadm and the rest


After over a year of using TrueOS, I’d like to thank its devs and all users that came-in here to support and help those who tried, used, use and enjoy TrueOS/FreeBSD 12-CURRENT/Lumina and the rest, to its fullest. In my view, the project(s) were/are the best thing going around nowadays that relate to UNIX-like OS with simple and clean GUI desktop, plus basic but handy GUI apps and utilities – not perfect by any means, but great concepts in development of OS with GUI desktop for users, enthusiast, hackers and those who just like FreeBSD based OS derivative, which includes nice GUI features that help with installation, administration and GUI desktop operations.

I feel bad for not having more brain power or money to help support, intellectually, technically or financially the TrueOS and related projects. I’m too old and too poor, but always enthusiast(ic) PC user that freeloads good ideas when I see them. And, in my view, TrueOS, Lumina and the rest were/are rly great ideas for utilizing the core of FreeBSD OS.

No matter what the future holds for TrueOS, Lumina or Tident; I wish their devs all the best.

I also wish that someone like Elon Musk, or others with too much gold than they know what to do with it, maybe from Google, Facebook, Oracle, MS or ??, would drop extra cash in developers (of FreeBSD, TureOS, Lumina and alike) purse(s), so they can develop nice things and make a good living while doing it, until they get rich enough to quit :slight_smile:

I would like to use Patreon to support developers that are directly involved with TrueOS, Lumina or Trident. Is that possible?

I will be True user of TrueOS, or whatever comes next, as long as it lasts!


Help comes in all shapes and forms. The devs drink coffee and eat pizza so sending a box of K-cups or an extra large with sausage fresh garlic and peppers is not going to get wasted. Money is always nice, but one can’t strap themselves. If one has the technical ability, make changes and generate pull requests.

The biggest way everyone can help out (my opinion) is just use it. If you run into a problem, post something here, let’s get it worked out. If you would like something that works a little differently, post here, then maybe over in git as a feature request.

Telling others about your experience is priceless.


Head over to , down in the bottom left corner, look for the donate button.


I saw that small button for PayPal pay. I’m trying to avoid PP whenever I can, since I didn’t like Elon Musk then and I still don’t like him now. I had too many issues with PP in the distant past, as the payee and merchant. That’s why I asked about Patreon where I’m already contributing into couple of projects. But, I will make an exception this one time and drop some plastic money into Trident’s PP acct.


I “think” that is on the list to accomplish, Patreon

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