Test run of the Trident beta-01



Just thought I would give a couple notes about the Trident beta that was announced on Friday

The Good

First, I’m writing this on Firefox from a new boot environment that Trident was installed into. So, obviously the beta can be made to work.

  • I burned the image to a USB thumbdrive and booted it on a Lenovo T420 with no problem. I was glad to see that it was possible to install into a boot environment, which is what I tried.
  • I was intrigued that the encryption option showed up again. It may be something to explore once this gets out of a beta.
  • Had to configure Wi-Fi on first boot, but then I was able to use pkg and get things I use installed. (e.g., Firefox, emacs)

The Bad

  • Trident is installed into a boot environment, but it is not activated. I had to do that explicitly
  • The boot resolution is all mangled. I know you can go in and fix it with options (that’s what I did with my other boot environment), but it makes for a bad first impression.
  • There was a missing program for setting the background (error from fbsetroot).

The Ugly

  • The installation screens worked, but I will say that the 640x480 resolution really makes for a cramped screen. Several screens have text that gets rendered on top of each other and it is difficult to select packages as one column is never on the screen. Perhaps since Trident is targeting amd64 machines, you could make the assumption that the video card could do at least 1024x768?
  • The hostname is trident- plus some random numbers. There’s no option to set it in the installer.

Overall, I think this is a great start and it’s worth trying.


The Bad

BE install was never given the green light, here or on telegram. Again, this is a beta

the installer tries to use the resolution that you hardware reports. Lenovo is bad about reporting screen resolutions

 You grabbed the staged ISO, when it was explained elsewhere was for the devs to test  before general consumption

The Ugly

 blame your hardware, it's giving you the first screen resolution your video gives

no need to give updates on the BETA releases. since they will change quickly. this message, especially since it is a staged image, has NO bearing one the public releases

! Come and get it .. It's here! --- BETA-01

OK. But then again, there was nothing that said one couldn’t use it. All I could go on was a cryptic comment in another post about, “there’s a way to upgrade from TrueOS”. I felt a boot environment was the safest.

Either way, I was point out that it wasn’t activated. It’s a bug report, so others may be able to work around it.

Again, I’m just pointing out what I experienced.

No, I downloaded from the link you gave yesterday in the previous post.

I have the hardware that I have, and I’m trying to give feedback on real hardware that people will install on.

Again I download the link that you gave earlier. I assumed the point of having a beta release was to get feedback so that things could be fixed for the public release. If I gave the feedback in the wrong place, OK, fine tell me what the correct channel is. But what I’m getting here is Don’t report problems. If that is your real policy than fine, but then I would suggest not posting links to images to download then.

I’m sorry for wasting everyone’s time.


I also don’t understand this standpoint of “do not report problems because it is beta”. We are all aware things are moving fast and lots of stuff will not work as expected, but isn’t this collaborative project? There is no way developers can test install on as much hardware possible as our community can provide. The fact that mouse did not work for me on provided release cd (31.8.2018) is due to the fact that devs tested stuff on laptops with touchpads (if I understood right from Telegram chat). Our observations should not be taken as criticism, majority of us understand that Trident will have issues, but if something does not work as expected isn’t a good thing to tell devs about it?


there 2 directories, RELEASE and stage

RELEASE is for USER testing, and reporting bugs

stage is for the devs to give cursory checks to make sure things install, what ever the ISO was built to fix actually is fixed. report things from the staged directory is counterproductive, since that ISO changes quickly. And those bug tickets will be closed

Report things from the RELEASE directory all day long, and they will get looked at.


That is exactly what I did and was scolded for it.

Anyway, if it was a misunderstanding, fine. I tried to be honest in my title. Anyway, if there is a better way that things should be reported. For example, there are specific repos to file reports against, let us know.

Regardless, I was impressed with what was there. So, I am happy with the result. I just want the final release to be good.


I see nothing indicating the OP took “staged” installer TBH. It all points to the http://pkg.project-trident.org/iso/release/ which was exactly what you recommended Rod. Now the question is what is it in the release folder?