"System Preparing Updates" - how long to prepare?


I’ve tried to reboot and/or shutdown from TrueOS and the “Leave” selection won’t let me hit “Power Off” or “Restart” because it says “System Preparing Updates”. Does anyone have any experience with this and/or how long it will say that?

My TrueOS disk is attached via USB and if I continue to use it, i’ll need to hook it up direct SATA cause I’m pretty sure that SATA is faster than USB and that this USB connection might mean it could take a long time to be “Preparing Updates”…

Can anybody say if it is bad if I go to the terminal and use the “shutdown -p now” or “shutdown -r now” commands even though the desktop says “Preaparing System Updates”???



there “should” be an option to “NOT” to take updates.

When was the last time you updated?


I’ve only used “ports” and “appcafe”. is “appcafe” a GUI front-end to “pkg”? I don’ think I’ve ever done any other sort of updating except for those two. I installed TrueOS a few days ago.

I wonder where I can find the setting to turn off updates…is it "Control Panel -> Update Manager -> Settings (tab) -> “Automatically Fetch/Stage Updates”? I just went there and hit “Stop Updates” and the “Power Off” and “Restart” buttons became available! Sometime later, … during the day when I’m at work, I can let it do updates…


thank you again @RodMyers for your support. I appreciate it.

My TrueOS time is either early in the morning in my caffeinated state or in the evening (like now) in a not-so-caffeinated-state when I’m getting tired and ready to end my day…



if you used ports, then all bets are off.

Roll back one Boot Environment, and avoid using ports for the time being