System maintenance - quick starter guide


What are maintenance task that every user should periodically do, with to keep user experience great. What are your favorite tweaks etc.


You want to take a look at /etc/defaults/periodic.conf That controls what will get run on a periodic basis (daily, monthly, weekly) and the output. I’ve posted how I set up some overrides on my system (look in the Tips and Tricks thread). That should cover the bulk of what one does regularly.
I also enable smartctl on my drives, you can tell the daily periodic task to include the SMART status of the devices in the log; this gives you a chance to replace a device before it fails.
ZFS: zpool scrub on a periodic basis. How often depends on the quality of your drives and the size of them, but for normal consumer grade devices once every three months is reasonable. The scrub operation will run through a zpool and validates the checksums and other internal metadata, fixes any errors it can and will display output on what errors were found.

Other than that, I really don’t do anything other than use the system and upgrade as needed.


the file /etc/peridoic.conf does not exist on trueOS 17.12. Should I create one or has it moved?


That is the one you create. It contains overrides of items in the file /etc/defaults/periodic.conf. If you do not have /etc/periodic.conf, the values in /etc/defaults/periodic.conf are used. Take a look a the settings in /etc/defaults/periodic.conf, look them up for their meaning and decide if you want to override them.

Here is something I posted configuring it the way I like to have it.

Same thing for /etc/rc.conf and /etc/defaults/rc.conf.

That the BSD/FreeBSD way of doing things for a very long time. Configuration files in /etc/defaults are allowed to get overwritten when you upgrade; /etc files are used for your local customizations and will not get overwritten on an upgrade.