[Suggestion] powerdxx into TrueOS base. Create GUI for powerd(xx)


Hey there!

I did some testing for the last 2-3 days, it seems that powerdxx works better on multicore systems while powerd works better on single core systems.

I have two suggestions.

  • what if we add powerdxx into TrueOS base?
  • if not, what if we enable powerd in case we detects it’s a laptop (touchpad seen? I’ll try to research more).
  • add a SysAdm window for power management? (I think I can ask one of my students to write code for that, or help me with it :smiley: ).

Thanks in advance!


Sound like reasonable things to do. Best bet would be to pop over to git and add a couple of requests/bugs to the trueos repo. As for a power management gui, clone the sysadmin ui repo, and submit a pull request :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if the recent updates/fix for the powerd++ fixed the issues with it but Ken has said powerd worked better in his testing than powerd++. Interesting about the findings that powerd++ worked better for you on multicore systems. Have you put your findings somewhere others (and the devs) can see them?

I just setup powerd on my work laptop last night. Would be awesome to have a power management section in sysadm.