Sugestie i pomysły na temat TrueOS i linuksa i pogadanki


ja mysle ze by mogli pracować razem a nie osobno


My last name implies I should be able to read this, but the few generations removed means I had to use google translate. But I at least recognized the language.



He is from Poland. Welcome!
Polak, Wegier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki, oba zuchy, oba zwawi, niech im pan bóg blogoslawi!


jestem zwykłym użytkownikiem komputera i tez korzystam z google tłumacz i czytnika ekranu


OK my friend I can understand! You suggest an cooperation between the Linux developers and BSD developers.
Don’t worry my english is same as your :slight_smile: I’m using with the little help of the google translater :slight_smile:
If you have any problems or useful idea just write down, but rather in english or ask from the administrator. I think the preferred is the english.


cooperation between the developers of Linux and BSD developers.
so here’s what I meant then will be serious competition for Microsoft


Even I didn’t need google to help me understand that one.

A lot of truth, but a lot of barriers. License is a big one, GPL vs BSD.


then you want to tell me that the reason is that the license can not spupracowaci with whose Facing the Day


aniemorzna license type combined with whose Facing the Day or do something


he is interested in only 2 projects


Do you want suggest to collect all the Linux developers and all the BSD developers to make only one OS? This is a very good and useful idea, but I think not you are the first who invented this. I think the Free Software Foundation working on something similar, but not easy.


thus it was, and I know not only how I came up with this idea


Sorry the money controls all the world. Where the money there the rights! I can remember when at the end of the 1990s the Microso@t almost cuted to pieces, but failed.


because I carvings cooperation together or separately bring more very good effect


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My two-cents:
In a perfect world, something like this would be possible because everybody would get along and be able to work toward a single goal. In reality though there are tons of conflicts of interest and personality in addition to the standard technical/development conflicts about things like licensing, project goals/focus, acceptable limitations, etc…

Practically speaking, the open-source community is better off because of competing projects/OS’s. Just look at the smaller subset of just the BSD operating systems for instance: OpenBSD, DragonflyBSD, NetBSD, and FreeBSD all have different goals and focuses, and each one develops and implements different types of technologies - often to replace some existing piece of software. Once that new tech has “proven” itself, it gradually spreads beyond the originating OS and gets imported into the other BSD’s - for the betterment of all.

If there was just a single, monolithic “OS” it would most likely end up limiting creativity and reducing the effectiveness of that OS in the long-term.


Such is my opinion that if you do not you will be competing with wszyskih systemuw operacynyh it hath no chance for isniecz market