Starting xorg fails with error after fresh install


Trying to install TrueOS on my haswell laptop with IGP without success.

Gui installs all fail with the same error, text install works, but booting fails to start X with the same errors

[drm:intel_uncore_forcewake_reset] timed out waiting for forcewake timers to finish
and a message with hex values telling me to report a bug with

deleting xorg.conf, and changing driver to modesetting did not work.

any ideas?



Were you checked the signature of the installer (ISO or IMG)? I’m asking because for me sometimes did not match! I’m experiencing many times that the website of the TrueOS or the PcBSD are reachless or other loading problems.


This occurred to me previously, but the site was down when I went to try and get the checksums. Re-downloading and verifying as we speak.

Apparently the crash I’m having is also caused by not enabling Accelmethod “sna” in xorg.conf apparently. I’ll be looking into that too

UPDATE: verified image has the same problem.


Are you using ISO or IMG installer? How you write this installer with dd command from terminal or with some other application (rufus, universal usb installer, rosa img writer, Lili, win32 disk imiger etc)?


img, dd to usb thumb drive

btw it’s an optiplex 5558, i5 4210u, HD4400 IGP


The “dd” is the best way. Please write more informations from your hardware. Maybe other can give more help :slight_smile:


8gb ram, usb3 controller, 64gb ssd, wifi is recognized by the system


Video card? Because if you install an NVDIA driver than you have to install nvidia-xconfig utility and after create xorg.conf file.
Here is a useful topic (GhostBSD! not TrueOS):

But for me unusual this problem from the system install. I met similar problems than if the installer media was wrong.


nope, just an IGP, intel HD 4400

verified all the checksums repeatedly.


Sorry, I have not to much experience with intel hardware. Were you checked the list of the supported hardwares?


yep, it’s haswell. should be good to go.



and somewhere have to be a list with the TrueOS or FreeBSD supported hardwares. Sorry now I must go, I got a call.
Good Luck! :slight_smile:


New idea:
Try in the BIOS to setup the primary graphic adapter for onboard (Intel HD) or for PCI


only graphics option in bios is screen brightness.

fair warning to optiplex 5458/5558 users: Freebsd, Dfly BSD and OpenBSD all refuse to start x (or boot on the case of openbsd)

I pulled ram, I changed the SSD to an HDD, messed with rc.conf and modules.conf, nothing.