Startbar has is missing color (Bottompanel)


Hey There,

I updated TrueOS on the 18. November and it seams the background colour of my startpanel (BottomPanel) is missing.
My System:
Also using the Nvidia Driver

Greetings from Switzerland


What video card?

It shows you using scfb, which is a very basic video driver.

At the login prompt, look at the bottom right, at the button. Click that button and you can change to a better video driver


That is actually from upgrading to the new lumina theme engine before the settings auto-conversion routine was written. Just open up the “Lumina Theme Engine” application and enable one of the desktop styles to restore the normal appearance.


thank’s for the help. ideed there was no Desktop Style enabled. Switched it back to DarkGlass.qss and every thing was fine.