Someone should warn about boot item created in EFI


I think this is happening from the previous upgrade, I did not notice it till now:
I have Trident originally installed on a usb3 stick volume selfbootable, no need to have a selectable item in the EFI, it booted itself just when I recalled such volume in the selective menu, showing this usb drive plugged in.
Now, I see a specific EFI item that I did not want, the Trident usb volume boots only if I select this item, not the usb volume itself appearing on the menu. In this way I lose the property of booting my Trident usb stick on any pc.
Please consider that if you (devs) are doing a change like this without a clear acknowledge/notice or a selectable option to choose, this is causing a problem to some user.



still depends om your boot order



new to me indeed but everything is possible:

USB Hard Drive (UEFI) - Sandisk is the new item of Efi menu which came after U7 update.
USB Hard Drive Sandisk is the usb stick which use to be selfbooting before that.
Now I can only boot from the EFI item, not anymore just from the USB Hard Drive SanDisk

EDIT: furthermore, ending previous U8 update I could read the last state line describing “bootloader successfully installed on EFI da0” , this is what I need to fix.
Bootloader on EFI = no good to me
Bootloader on usb volume = ok! (as before)
Please just instruct me to place the bootloader on the usb volume




just to know (no problem in case) : conversation terminated ?