[Solved] Virtualbox, Linux guest on TrueOS host, no sound


Is there a well-known problem getting Virtualbox sound to play on a TrueOS host?

I’ve installed Linux on virtualbox; network works (using it now), shared folders work (well, worked yesterday at least), but sound is not working for me. Last time that I installed Virtualbox, it was a long time ago, but it was on this same machine, and sound worked fine then. I haven’t changed the default audio settings as presented by Virtualbox.

EDIT: I just discovered that when my virtual machine is running, TrueOS itself has no sound either. When I shut down the virtual machine but leave the Virtualbox application running, TrueOS’s sound works again. This makes me think it’s something I’ve done wrong, rather than a bug.


Solved. It turns out that an inexperienced person messing around with Virtualbox’s default allocations of memory and processing power to the guest OS can lead to a situation where the sound silently fails to work.