[Solved] Lumina missing panels


Hi, I need some help to use lumina. I can right click the desktop to browse menu, open apps or configurations, but there are no panels. I don’t know how to go back to running open windows. I usually used alt tab in other OS but it’s not working here. I am writing this from debian. Thanks a lot for any help.


I had this problem after changes related to the graphic driver. Simple fix is " mouse R- Click on desktop, ===>. Desktop, User Settings ===> General Options & Down at the bottom right , Click “return to Lumina Defaults”.


Thank you¡ I was using mate. When I logged out and back to lumina the panel reappeared. I’ll remember your tip if it happens again


all panels may disappear when Lumina defaults or system defaults are applied · Issue #304 · trueos/lumina


Hi, decided to give latest TrueOS another go, so I deleted my 10.3 and installed 28. october image. But I also have problems with Lumina missing panels after I installed nVidia 340 drver package. I have read some other post with similar symptoms (I also have dual monitor setup). The solution to go to Desktop settings -> User Settings -> General options and then “Return to Lumina defaults” makes no difference (I see it resets back on “play chimes…” and clears my Date format from dd.MM.yy to blank field. But nothing else is happening. I have tried to log out/back in but no luck. Interestingly, I have played a bith with adding some panels manually and after they were added, the “Return to lumina defaults” removes all things added so my desktops are blank:


I’ve got a similar problem that I think is related.

randomly (about 50%) of the time when I change screen resolutions the panel will move from the bottom
of the screen to the top then disappear.
I can’t get them back for anything without deleting them rebooting and then recreating them from defaults.
what appears to be happening is that the panel paints at the top then shifts up a panel width and is stuck up there just beyond reach. I have watched the RSS feed applet move up and down in the same way as you move the panel to top or bottom.
When the panel disappears I can watch the little RSS feed shift up a panel width allowing space for the panel to paint below it. But it doesn’t. It paints at the top. Then it shifts just like any other little app and disappears.

I think it’s tied to the refresh and change of screen resolution. I startout with the logon screen at 600/800 (which I hate by the way) then as soon as I login it changes to 1600x1050 and all is well till the panel shifts.
I think If I could get the logon screen to start at 1600x1050 it wouldn’t happen as often. but I can replicate this almost at will if I change screen resolutions. Also when doing that the wall paper will not repaint correctly. (irritation) but probably symptomatic of the same problem.

once the panel shifts up other apps will not come up correctly either (second problem)
So if I start say… firefox it pops up normally but if I click off it then it shifts up above the panel where I can’t reach it. I can launch 10 apps and they will all shift up above the panel if I click off of them. They shift as soon as they loose focus.



By the way this happens on 3 different machines.
It happens on my old DELL, an apple with a 5770, an old dual core desktop with an nvidia, and it is worst in any VM either virtual box or VMware (it has the same problem with Vbox/vmware apple versions, PC versions, and Linux versions of both vbox and vmware)

Panels post Dec 14 release

my config:
PC Intel core I5 (670) with graphic card nvidia 1070.
Motherboard gigabyte.
I had some issue with trueos and also this one.
What I did : Right click -> Preferences --> Desktop -> Floating panel and plugins --> Greffons (plugins) and add what you need That is to say : start menu & Clock & task manager etc …
And everything work well after.


@gatesbillou thank you for pointing your solution, but I managed to follow with certainty until “Greffons”. Do you mean something like this?

This is good, it leads me step forward, I do get top taskbar now. Beeing someone new to Lumine there is no way I would figure out this myself.

Help! Bar at bottom of desktop has disappeared

This worked for me.
If you have more than one work space make sure you apply this to them all.
My computer started in work space 2 this morning took me a little while to figure out what had happened.


Just had this problem for the first time after upgrading to #3 cc46c55(drm-next-4.7): Wed Dec 14 21:25:14 UTC 2016

Resetting lumina to defaults did not help.

[Edit] could not even log out. Had to ssh from another machine and kill lumina. When I selected to logout Lumina it just froze.


Thats a familiar symptom, probably unrelated to panels, would you like to start a separate topic? Thanks.


I don’t think it is unrelated. The only time I have problems logging out is when my screen/panels have disappeared. I think the panel’s are actually still there just off the screen where you can’t reach them. The logout screen is definitely there I have used keystrokes to successfully log out as if the screen were there. you use a combination of alt-tab, right and left arrows and the space bar to select the button (logout or restart or cancel). Somehow lumina looses it’s brains doesn’t know where things should be and sends them way off the visible screen somewhere else on the canvas. The main panel is the same it is about 1 panel width off the top of the screen instead of at the bottom.


a thought.

next time this happens try

preferences --> all desktop settings–> panels --> length

change the length and see if it reappears.


Thanks. Tried that no effect however after DEC27 release things are working a lot better. I’m still testing.