[Solved] Installer failed at the end | Listing Hardware


The installer failed on me several times right at the end when it was unmounting /mnt


Dell Inspiron 5558
Intel Core i5-5200U
Intel HD Graphics + Nvidia GeForce 920M (Optimus, very problematic. Have been avoiding it outside Windows)
1TB HDD, no SSDs :^)
Not sure about the BIOS version but it’s UEFI and has a nice GUI

Currently my main OS (not by usage lol) is Windows 8.1, the disk scheme is:

#1 Recovery for Windows
#2 EFI for Windows
#3 Something else for Windows
#4 Yet another Windows partition…
#5 EFI partition from my now dead Linux
#6 Used to be my / partition

Partition #1 and #2 were in the wrong order.

The solution was as simple as removing the old Linux (second) EFI System Partition (ESP) via a Linux LiveUSB.