Slimbook computers + TrueOS?


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does anyone have any experience with any of those

This guy here ( dual-boots FreeBSD 12-CURRENT on a KDE Slimbook, so I guess TrueOS will also work.


quick readthrough, it should just works , as 2nd link described


If you end up buying it, let us know how it works. I was eyeing The Slimbook KDE 13 KDE II Intel i7 and really liked it. I’d rather have a disk drive, but that may be too much to ask for in a slim. The price of it isn’t bad either. If TrueOS works for you on it, I know what my next laptop will be. :smiley:


Thanks guys! Sadly, my T520 is still working really well. :wink: But I promise I will let you know when I (hopefully) get one of these.


I think I have exactly the same under a different name (Tuxedo InfinityBook) and it runs well with TrueOS, but suspend/resume does not work and the battery does not last for long time (max 3h).
I would like to give this one a try:


If you are not squeezing enough power, try power tuning options described in Lounge section here (a must for laptop) - your battery should last longer.
I am squeezing a decent amount of battery from all of my TrueOS and FreeBSD laptops (and OpenBSD too, but that is a bit different). Methods for TrueOS power tuning are the same ones as used in FreeBSD.

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