SIP (VoIP) settings


My feedback [on U8] if ever you’re thinking of using a SIP VoIP, like Lipnhone.

  1. Firewall Manager ports to open manually for SIP (with Linphone ports too):
    5061/udp sip-tld #SIP over TLS
    5061/tcp sip-tld #SIP over TLS
    5060/udp sip #Session Initilisation Protocol (VoIP)
    5060/tcp sip #Session Initilisation Protocol (VoIP)
  2. /etc/ipfw-profiles/open-out.rules
    Add the rule near the start of the file
    $cmd reass all from any to any in
    $cmd reass ip4 from any to any in

This is because ipfw deny logging shows ip-proto-17 datagram fragmented,
Interestingly, in trying to find the port addresses to open I couldn’t trap any for ip-proto-17 as fragments don’t contain port numbers (according to man 8 ipfw).
I’m not sure if reass works on ipv6 yet, hence the two alternative modifications to open-out-rules.

  1. Router:
    Ensure WAN has SIP ALG disabled.

No idea why but there it is.

  1. Ensure webcamd is available to user:
    pw groupmod webcamd -m me
    and, if a usb device at 0.2 then it is assigned to webcamd with
    webcamd -d ugen0.2 -i 0 -v Z -B

webcamd will display possible assignments.
Then v4l2 [video for linux] can find and use the usb device.

  1. Modify /boot/loader.conf to have cuse4bsd set true

I think this is still required.


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