Shutdown process


During the shutdown process my system displays the messing disk is spinnig down. The duration till something happens is long… is this normal… ?

I don’ t have the passions to wait always until the final shutdown happens…and just press the button… is this bad ?


Today the system did not shutdown after pressuring shutdown icon inside lumina DE.


what did it do?

you really need to start adding more pertinent info, if you have issues


Well the system shows login wallpaper or sometime just black screen with mouse cursor, and looks like frozen. Their no interaction possible even trying alt+control F2 is not possibile.

If I open terminal and close all application manually before pressing shutdown icon in the menu seams to work most on the time.

Is their a log which documents what during shutdown happens beside /…/log/message???


what appears to be happening is it’s just powering down, and NOT turning off

in a terminal try

sudo shutdown -p <----- this is supposed to power off the computer

sudo shutdown -h <----- see if this the same behaviour you are expericning

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Hi RodMyers tried shutdown -p. It didn’t work. It looks like that Poweroff is the new command.

I still need to try out shutdown -h… :wink:


Shutdown -p is supposed to power down
Shutdown -h is to just halt the system

Something is now powering down correctly


Is their sleep or suspend command for cli available? Great would a option pressing bottom and system is resumes to login screen.