Shutdown error lumina


I try to turn off the system through “Applications” - “Stop” - “Turn off the power”, and throws me back to the beginning of a new session. Previously, this was not observed. where can there be a mistake?

freeBSD 12.0. Lumina 1.4.1


can you post your about?


did not understand your answer !? My buttons in the application menu “Restart” and “Power Off” stopped working


Can you open a terminal and type “about” without the quotes, and paste what shows up on the terminal after you type that command?


uname -a

FreeBSD F3ja 12.0-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p3 GENERIC i386


Vanilla FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE with Lumina as the DE…

I’m not sure what the shutdown script calls, but it should be… shutdown -p now

That sounds like it’s calling shutdown -h now.

I would open a bug report on the their github page

Their probably on telegram, let me ask there. But more than likely their answer will be the same.

One more question:
How did you build Lumina?.. Ports, Source, pkg or Git?


The error reminds me of this bug; maybe the solution works here, too.


did not help


Lumina Installed as follows:
pkg install lumina


what happens if you type

shutdown -p now

As a regular user?.. If it takes you to the main screen, what happens if you do it as root?..

root@F3ja:/home/luba # getent group | grep luba

root@F3ja:/home/luba # ls -l /sbin/shutdown -r-sr-xr--  2 root
operator  22844 11 дек.  22:52 /sbin/shutdown


Is this a Virtual Machine?


No, this is not a virtual machine, this is the usual desktop system on a laptop with freeBSD + Lumina