Should IPFS already work?

Boot-strapping updater...OK
Boot-strapping latest PKGNG
Saving file(s) to /var/run/pc-updatemanager/pkgbs/pkg.txz

 0 B / 27 B    0.00%
 27 B / 27 B  100.00% 0s
fetch: transfer timed out

fetch: transfer timed out



Once you change to IPFS, run the following commands

sudo pc-updatemanager confcheck
sudo pc-updatemanager syncconf
sudo pc-updatemanager pkgcheck


This might sound dumb, but… What is IPFS? (Relevant to TrueOS)


Groot? ask a dumb question? never :wink:

Not what the IPFS stands for.

It’s a torrent like content delivery network/mechanism (cdn) starting with this latest UNSTABLE update.

Once a few have it running, we share what we have with you all, and faster (hopefully) downloads all around. Yes, I am paraphrasing a bit


Thanks for the vote of confidence Rod. :blush: From what I can understand (and correct me if I’m wrong because I’m just taking a blind stab at this) is that we will be able to do system updates Peer to Peer. I can download it and then share it eliminating the need for a CDN.


@RodMyers beat me to it…

But at least I can still offer a link :slight_smile: and also: IPFS = InterPlanetary File System
An Introduction to IPFS

Might be the basis for a truely decentralized and therefore uncensorable web.


correct. not sure that “we” are turned on to share yet.

NO official word from the devs. they just let us know it was “on” and play with it


From the Update Manager I got

From a terminal I did
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% sudo pc-updatemanager confcheck
Boot-strapping updater…OK
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% sudo pc-updatemanager syncconf
Boot-strapping updater…OK
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% sudo pc-updatemanager pkgcheck
Boot-strapping updater…OK
The following updates are available:
NAME: System package updates

To install: "pc-updatemanager pkgupdate"
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% sudo pc-updatemanager pkgupdate
Boot-strapping updater...OK
**ERROR: Another update is in progress!**
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~%

Maybe I try again after a reboot? Or just wait if something will happen.


IPFS ? I guess something like "Internet Protocol File System???
Just found it here:


:sunglasses:Oh, what a claim!
Greetings from Mars


Wait until you hear/read about u-net and quantum routers. That’ll make your head spin. :slight_smile:


libnghttp2-1.30.0 (107 KiB: 0.02% of the 503 MiB to download)
p5-subversion-1.9.7 (2 MiB: 0.45% of the 503 MiB to download)
subversion-1.9.7_2 (3 MiB: 0.56% of the 503 MiB to download)
serf-1.3.9_1 (79 KiB: 0.02% of the 503 MiB to download)
apr- (453 KiB: 0.09% of the 503 MiB to download)
db5-5.3.28_6 (12 MiB: 2.43% of the 503 MiB to download)
p5-Term-ReadKey-2.37 (21 KiB: 0.00% of the 503 MiB to download)
cvsps-2.1_2 (42 KiB: 0.01% of the 503 MiB to download)
pc-mixer-20171212 (83 KiB: 0.02% of the 503 MiB to download)

Number of packages to be fetched: 405

The process will require 459 MiB more space.
503 MiB to be downloaded.
Fetching llvm50-5.0.1.txz: …

… after that nothing happens anymore.
What requirements must be met to enable update via ipfs?

Tried to start the trueos-ipfs service (don’t know if it is needed):

sudo service trueos-ipfs start

  • Running first-time init
    /libexec/rc/sh/ /usr/local/share/trueos/pc-updatemanager/ipfs: not found
    /libexec/rc/sh/ /usr/local/share/trueos/pc-updatemanager/ipfs: not found
    /libexec/rc/sh/ /usr/local/share/trueos/pc-updatemanager/ipfs: not found
    /libexec/rc/sh/ /usr/local/share/trueos/pc-updatemanager/ipfs: not found
    /libexec/rc/sh/ /usr/local/share/trueos/pc-updatemanager/ipfs: not found
  • Starting TrueOS IPFS Daemon …
  • start-stop-daemon: /usr/local/share/trueos/pc-updatemanager/ipfs does not exist [ !! ]
  • ERROR: trueos-ipfs failed to start

Is there anything I can do to get it working?


Either it doesn’t exist (as yet),
or search for it: “pkg search ipfs”


There is a service trueos-ipfs, but it’s not running and there is no pkg trueos-ipfs either while ipfs seams to be up and running.

[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% whereis ipfs
ipfs: /sbin/ipfs /usr/share/man/man8/ipfs.8.gz
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% pkg search ipfs
ipfs-go-0.4.13_1               IPFS implementation in Go
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% service ipfs-go status
 * status: started
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% 
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% whereis trueos-ipfs
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% pkg search trueos-ipfs
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% 
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% service trueos-ipfs status
 * status: stopped
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~%


Is there anything looking like “ipfs” in “/etc/init.d/”?

(I’m not on TrueOS, right now)


No, nothing with ‘ipfs’
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~% ls /etc/init.d | grep ‘ipfs’
[martin@TrueOS-Infinity] ~%


Does anybody know the rational behind this choice (IPFS vs. Traditional)? I thought it to be a way to ease the load on the content distribution network (CDN) and utilize the users of TrueOS as additional ‘servers’. But now this post from @RodMyers kind of deprecates the use of IPFS.
Is there a user around here who updated successfully while IPFS was ticked in the update manager?


I’m not sure anyone, other than the devs successfully upgraded via IPFS.

It kept crashing on us.

On paper IPFS looked awesome. But in practice, was very fragile, for operating system updates


Thank you for your very quick reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

So on my main system I will continue with the traditional way until further notice.


Yes. We all were hoping IPFS would make the difference. Just not a positive interest