Setting panel on the left, after restart, it doesn't snap to the left edge


Setting edge to the left and alignment, and then restart computer, the panel will be in the wrong place like the screenshot below. What causes this, and is there a way to fix this so that computer automatically correct the panel placement on startup?


I think that is solved.
Which release/update do yu use?
What is the output of
% about


You can try to set the lenght of that panel to 99% insted of 100%


U6 right now, will upgrade to U7 in a bit.


U6 should work (solved since 18.12-RELEASE)

… so if the issue persists after update please open a ticket on github


I always switch the toolbar to the left and had the same problem (wont shift completely to the left edge)… Spent several days/hours attempting a fix and gave up… Using a custom toolbar at the top, now for two reasons… . First the problem shown in the pic posted by @BSDELL, and also that the icons and clock wont shrink when using a thin bar… Using a custom bar at the top now and liking it… [Havent tried the left since U2]