Route Trough TOR (not working?)


I tried clicking on the “Route Trough TOR” button, entered my password, and nothing. Can’t get to any websites after that. I thought maybe I needed vidalia, but that’s not in the AppCafe anymore either. Tried on both Unstable and Stable. Anyone else experiencing this?


vidalia is obsolete, according to the Tor site



Once upon a time with a very early “LATEST” (I can’t tell the version) of TrueOS it has worked for me. Long ago.


I’m guessing that “Route Trough TOR” depended on vidalia, and it hasn’t worked since it was removed from AppCafe because it is obsolete software?


This is a really useful feature, I was just going to try it a few days ago but got distracted with something else.

I tried doing it from the command line several weeks ago and that lost me the Internet connection which I never could get back.

Sorry I forgot the command I used, should have wrote it down somewhere.

Does anyone know if this is being worked on ?



once Trident gets released, the “route through tor”, will work differently. better, i hope


OK, thanks for update !