Rotate on PDF viewer(s)


I was going to open a ticket on github for a feature request because I noticed that both Lumina PDF viewer, and TrueOS PDF viewer do not have a rotate feature.

Rotate PDF is very useful and pretty standard to have so, I’m not sure if it’s already on Unstable if anyone can confirm this.

If not I’ll open a ticket on github. PDF viwers have to be able to rotate the image.

I get so many PDF’s that are sideways and upside down.

Very difficult to read if we are not allowed to rotate the document.


go ahead and create a ticket for lumina-pdf


Will do Rod. Although I believe both PDF viewers need a rotate function. Is the Blurrines fixed on Unstable yet?.. I had to make TrueOS PDF viewer my default because when I used lumina-pdf it was illegible.


lumina-pdf is the default. they have made minor changes since the last update, and if you create a ticket, it gets pushed higher on the to-do list


saw the github ticket, thank you


TrueOS-PDF is the default on my computer Rod :blush:
I just got tired of right clicking > Open With > Other > TrueOS PDF viewer
and instead made it my default until the image quality gets fixed.

I have made a ticket for a feauture request to be able to change orientation on the PDF images, but I noticed that there is already a ticket to fix blurrines so I’ll leave that alone. They also have a very good explanation on why, that I found very satisfying.


be aware, the trueos pdf is being replaced by the lumina-pdf program, real soon now


The bug ticket was closed today (resolved):


saw that, kind of figured it was on the to-do list. awesome


I have to recommend KDE-Okular that I installed on top of TrueOS. That’s way better than trueos-pdf and lumina-pdf and some LibreOffice sub-program (don’t remember which one) where PDF-docs opened the first time after I installed TrueOS.


Yeah, I think we all used Okular back in the PCBSD days when the default DE was KDE. With lumina being the default DE today.

Today I’d rather use lumina tools. Okular didn’t get to where it is on version 1.0 nor did they have all those feautures out of the box on day one. They are on version 4.14.30 while lumina is on version 1.4.1 on Stable and 1.4.2 (I believe) on Unstable. They also have a ton more resources than Lumina.

I think if we can keep using Lumina and it’s tools reporting bugs, (donating when we can to the project) and requesting [reasonable] features. (granted the developers implement those feautures) Lumina will catch up to those big name DE’s in no time.


My ticket was closed by @beanpole135 on github. The reason for closing the ticket is that, “rotate” is already Lumina 1.4.2 which is what Unstable is running.

In Lumina 1.4.1 which is what Stable is running there is no rotate button, so I tried unstable on a different computer and sure enough there is a rotate button there now and it works perfectly! And the image quality is also good now. (Thank you dev team)

So for those of us on Stable I have good news, we will (hopefully) see these changes in about 90 days assuming they keep the same Stable update timeline of every 6 months.

Unstable users are already enjoying a rotate PDF button and high quality PDF images.


Had never needed such a feature before for my job, now I tried this one because of curiosity and yep - it’s in stable version so far and works well. Anyway, back then I used this tool to edit pdf for merging or splitting stuff - I guess rotating feature is there as well - and it worked better than it did in Lumina. This one is changed drastically during the last half a year yet its conversion tool is pretty poor still