Required shared library not found


required shared library not found if I try to install from source pypy-sqlite3, python36, and whatever I think.

Here are libs which look like as above:
[seilorsamoor@twin] /usr/lib# find / -name “libc.s*”


Are you building from ports, installing via pkg/AppCafe, or installing/building with some other method?


I need to install py-sqlite3 - this package is missing in the repository, and I try to install the package from port.


it’s in the STABLE AppCafe


Turns out I hadn’t skill to use AppCafe… I get it, thank you all.

Best regards,


Hi Vladimir - no worries. If you’re more used to the command line,

pkg search py36-sqlite

is the ticket. FreeBSD packages and ports for language versions are prefixed with the version, i.e. py36-sqlite vs py27-sqlite.

Glad you’ve got it working. Happy building.