RDP Server for TrueOS Desktop?


Just curious, is there any rdp server available for TrueOS? I would like to rdp from my Windows machine to my TrueOS Desktop if possible.

Thanks in advance


If you search in AppCafe, it looks like there are a few different RDP servers available. I don’t use them, so have no recommendations.


What you are looking for is xrdp, it works quite well as the server. A recommendation for the client is Remmina.


Tons of options. Search for VNC. If you want to forward your existing active X session you can use X11VNC, of you want to host sessions that do not require a user to be logged in, use a generic vnc server with tigervnc or tightvnc, or any of the other options for vnc server.

These can also be enabled at boot time so they are always on. But keep in mind you will need to open a port in the firewall so that they can be reached externally.


Great thank you very much I appreciate it!

I am working with putty and x11 forwarding, but I will give X11VNC a try


xrdp should work also. It really just uses vnc in the end but allows you to connect with microsoft rdp clients.


I’m auto starting it via a shell script (below). Since I’m only enabling it on my local network, I’m not using any security. If the machine will ever leave your house, I’d advise you to set an x11vnc password.

sleep 3 && sudo ipfw add 112 allow tcp from to me 5900 via igb0 && sudo ipfw add 112 allow tcp from to me 5900 via igb1 && x11vnc -reopen -shared -forever -loop -solid black