RC3 img please, not just the iso


I thought I’d share my novice experience of attempting to get a Trident image to intall RC3 - and why you might give someone like me the img to pull down instead of just the iso (please)…
[Unless of course there’s a dd command that will convert and copy the iso to img]

  1. I pulled down the iso file (as the img is not availaable)
    I did other stuff for 4.5 hours… slow connection…
  2. I found I had a dvd drive; connected the sata and rebooted TrueOS-Desktop (18-03).
  3. I intalled tkdvd (as this is the hit I get when looking for ‘growisofs’ - your recommended s/w in the TrueOS handbook - yep I read the manual first!
    I had to use a terminal to launch tkdvd - but that’s OK - not all s/w lands in the menus.
    I also found I had a blank dvd-DL for the image - cooking with gas!
    4 in using TKdvd it reported that I didn’t have privileges to burn the iso.
  4. I launched tkdvd from a terminal prefaced with sudo.
    tkdvd reported it wouldn’t allow burning under sudo.
  5. At the terminal I used the commands from ‘man growisofs’ to burn the iso - to get the same issues.
  6. I decided to retreat and use a windows pc to burn the image - so I needed to throw the downloaded image onto a memory stick. Of course, being greater a single file larger than 4.2GB I had to swap the fs from fat to NTFS to fit the iso on.
  7. I formatted a memory stick to ntfs on the windows pc.
    9 Using Insight file manager it dully spent 10 minutes doing the copy to /.autofs/da0p1 - the target in Insight.
    The stick contents were blank back at the windows pc.
  8. I tried again with cp and encountered the same problem.
  9. I thought I’d give up at this point.

OK - I’m no super tech, your deveolpers are super busy, and yet you take time to share your gifts by creating TrueOS and I’m incredibly grateful - but surely it doesn’t have to be this hard for a novice…



Unless they changed something in RC-3, TrueOS uses a hybrid iso image that works on both dvd and usb.
So just dd the image you have to a usb stick.
Need help with the dd command just ask.


As @harv said, it’s a hybrid. ISO works for dvd & flash drives

i have no used a dvd drive in ages. everything gets written to flash drives.

The devs try to keep it simple, putting the bare minimum on the install media, so you can get online and do everything else


@RodMyers the last sentence is the “key” and the “problem”. Some folks have different ideas of bare minimum (The latest 4.9G seems a bit more than bare minimum to me). Some thing full graphical KDE/GNOME with LibreOffice is bare minimum, others like me “get me to a console with working pkg repos and I’ll pull what I want”. Folks expect more than a bare minimum now I guess. I’d be good with a working X environment, a browser and a minimal desktop experience (Lumina, LXDE) with something clear on “Post install steps to add software that you need for your work”
I personally detest the way some of the Linux distributions have forked; a bunch of them based on Ubuntu, the biggest (only) difference is what DE they run out of the box. “Hello: you can install Gnome on the Kde distribution”.
Perhaps the default install could ask “what extras do you want” Kind of like what OpenBSD does (or at least used to, been a while).
That could keep the installer image small (quick network downloads, easy to verify) but yes it would require the user to put a little more thought into the process.

Anyway, I am not advocating the team do anything different right now, stable release process and stable release image is way more important. Tell them I say “Thanks”


on the RC releases, it does have a list of things about to be installed. so feel free to NOT install anything


Thanks for the assist. I’ll give it a go.
I did consult wikipedia beforehand and its information implied a difference between iso and img with no mention of ‘hybrid’ iso.
Regarding the TreuOS Handbook - how do I raise a request for the installation section to change and reflect your ‘hybrid’ feedback please?


Project Trident “may” liberate some of the trueos handbook. but the trueos handbook is effectively a dead handbook .

trueos, the desktop, is dead :frowning: which is why Project Trident exists

Looks like documentation sourcecode will eventually be managed in GitHub:



Thx for the assist.
The dd worked fine.