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For discussing RC2. good and not so good


Noticed a few issues today. So here are the bads for now, at least for me.

The first being the boot screen. The trident logo overlaps the text, and the box stretches the full length of the screen. Not sure if this was intended as to be different from the FreeBSD logo, but it doesn’t look very appealing or polished.

kernel messages before handing the system over to OpenRC I think this should be disabled by default, it speeds up the boot a little as the screen isn’t flooded with messages other users who aren’t working on development want to see. boot_mute=“YES” in loader.conf would fix this and hide all the intimidating kernel messages. Can also be disabled while booting if people need information on say a kernel panic.

The installation didn’t force me to pick my keyboard layout or locale en_GB, as a result of this I had already completed the install before I realised I hadn’t been asked for this.

Username was forced to lowercase, I’m not sure of the reasoning behind this, but FreeBSD allows usernames to begin with uppercase letters, while I know Linux doesn’t so maybe this is to reflect on the Linux way. I wanted Amzo as I pick on FreeBSD, but the install wouldn’t allow me and kept changing it to amzo. Going to have to create this manually.

OpenRC seems to have some issues, was rather slow for me, it’s typically much quicker than FreeBSD-init but wasn’t the case here. I’ll look into this myself.

The top panel in lumina when holding the mouse over is a bit inconvenient, when multiple tabs are open it interferes with tab selection. Could maybe relocate it to the top right/top left corner out of the way of interference.

Nvidia has screen tearing in HTML by default using the Nvidia driver, no easy solution to this as ForceFullCompositionPipeline needs to be enabled. Where can I share this information? A Wiki?

Command to fix this

nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="nvidia-auto-select +0+0 { ForceFullCompositionPipeline = On}"

I didn’t see an obvious way to disable services I didn’t need during install, or an option for a bare-bones system to let me choose my DE, and configure my system (this would be attractive, and rather simple to implement).

By default, the panel for Lumina is bulky, logos are enormous, I think they should be reduced slightly in size, but that’s just me. Moreover, the menu image seems out of place with the transparent panel, doesn’t fit in with it.

No roadmap, a roadmap would be helpful or even a todo list. If there was a todo list that we could all view, it could assist in development as in “Oh, I can do that” then someone can do the work for an item on the todo and send a pull request. A todo entry for artwork? One of the many users could see that and do it. A todo list, in my opinion, should be an essential task to complete for the project, a roadmap of where this project is going, a list of things that are going to be tackled and so on.

The installer seems outdated, the window titles and such seem like it’s from an earlier 2000 era of installers, it doesn’t have a modern feel to it.

Lumina application menu seems out of place with the edging, maybe a border of some sort would remedy this. Also regarding the menu was the applications weren’t grouped by sub menu by defaulter and seemed unorganised initially.

When a window is maximised, the desktop leaks through at the top panel which is annoying, I’ve attached a screenshot of this.

There seems to be quite a bit of lag in lumina from time to time there are hangs which only last a few seconds by gives notable stutter.

Did a system upgrade while writing this and the system forced a shutdown after without prompting. Not cool man.

Overall, after all the issues regarding FreeBSD and Linux regarding their new code of conduct, it’s why I migrated here as I can still have a functional desktop and continue with my studies as needed, which is why others were ruled out such as Solaris, Haiku, ReactOS and so on. The issues I have mentioned are my personal opinion on aesthetics and may differ to others, but the other issues I have mentioned I think should be addressed.




going to close this thread, since RC2 is having many issues