RC1 has been unleashed


I use same dd command.
Since I didn’t do anything to install nvidia driver before I assume you want me to choose vesa option in boot options.
Will try it.


I’ve a Beta 3 under VirtualBox (it works) and did a
# trueos-update upgrade
in a terminal window. After that a new BE is created with RC1 … at least I think.
Did I do the right way ?

Does TrueOS 1806 also fail to boot?



Yes, trueos 1806 fails.
Odd since both Freebsd12-alpha9 and trueos 1806 seem to be using same version/revision of bootloader and it doesn’t fail when run from a dvd only usb stick.


With usb stick, never get past boot strap stage but with dvd nvidia module never loaded so not an issue.

Another more worrying issue is after creating test BE I can no longer roll back to earlier BEs.
Too many errors to list when booting.
Should I start a new thread?


that would be correct.

you are now in RC1


That’s the issue I had also. Many errors after an installation and dropped to a db prompt for me. I was able to use a previous BE but bad to make sure I set it as the active BE.
What happens when you try to roll back?


I never did get anything installed- read my op up above. Just created a test BE to try something RodMyers suggested.
It didn’t work but shouldn’t have hurt anything either but when I try to boot back into old BE I get nothing but errors.
System has been through a lot of reboots today so maybe something happened there. Its a mirrored pool so scrubbing now to see if that will fix things.


GUI or terminal, when trying to go back?


boot menu
BSD bootloader

Please open an issue with trident-core with your TrueOS 1803' about output.

RC1 runs fine on my hardware but there may be sufficient number of users
who would benefit from using a more recent FreeBSD for TrueOS and


when you get there, adn drop to terminal, type the following and take a pic

beadm list

this way we can try and get you back onto a good BE


I’m in the BE I created earlier today which works fine.
I just can’t roll back to an older one should I hose this one.
I even tried rolling back to older ones that I had rolled back into before but no go.
They literally no longer bootable.
Would like to know why.


okay, looking at the picture. I see your 1803 BE, so lets try

beadm activate 12.0-CURRENT-up-20180330_123436

then beadm list, should show the “R” on that BE. If so, then reboot


OK, that works fine.
% about
boot environment now (N) … 12.0-CURRENT-up-20180330_123436 NR 2018-03-30

But curious as to why it doesn’t work from the bootloader menu.
I know I’ve done it that way before without issue.
I consider it an issue because if current BE becomes unbootable one can’t use beadm to roll back which is where the bootloader menu comes in handy.


you fell for that too :frowning:

that’s a “one time” boot option

beadm activate is the permanent solution


I understood that its only good for one boot session but none of the BEs in the bootmenu would boot for even one session. All failed with multple errors. That is not expected behavior.
I expect if I choose a BE from the bootloader menu that that BE will boot.


That should be true, but if something mucked up the definitions of a root (zfs mount point) I can see things not booting.


I congrats devs for approaching final release. After some bumpy attempts to install previous betas, RC1 is first time everything works as expected on my i7 system.