Question about TrueOS


Ask what the purpose is TrueOS being a competitor for all operating systems or what


Have you looked at the web site -->


A serious project or a hobby for what is better than Linux and what future plans


And whether it is worth the war, which system is better Linux or BSD not better together to create something together.


can you say GPL? as long as linux uses gpl, there will be no “getting together”


The whole war concerns the license


ideological differences, license is just a small part


Hide the war ax here all
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I’m going to disagree. I want the choice, the freedom to decide which is better for my purposes. At the typical user API level, Linux and the BSDs are pretty similar, all POSIX system interfaces. Under the hood, they are different and do things differently. This is good; it lets different ideas emerge, different ways of doing things come out; competition is good. Look at the DragonflyBSD fork from FreeBSD; good ideas and good work going on over there.

One also needs to follow the mailing lists for these things: there is more crossover than people realize. Alan Cox shows up on FreeBSD lists once in a while relating to VM stuff.

As for “war”, I’m not sure there’s actually a war over who is better; it’s more some folks just want different.

Would it be nice if the BSDs were able to move faster to keep up with newer hardware? Sure, but just changing the license isn’t going to do that. You still need people that can write the code, can understand the hardware, can get the documentation and then you need to get them a commit bit. Simply adding more people to a project doesn’t make it go any faster.
Forks/projects like TrueOS provide overall benefit to FreeBSD because they are moving faster than upstream, the changes get made available to upstream and eventually get pulled in upstream (look at the src-head mailing list, commits related to the graphics/drm stuff, lots going on).

Again, my opinion, there is no war with Linux. Think of it as some people like potato vodka, others like vodka from rye. I understand your meaning, limited resources available to actually do the code, but until someone actually gets paid to write code, they are going to do what they want.


What is the point of TrueOS? To be the best operating system in the world!

In all seriousness though, we are not a fly-by-night Linux distribution with short-sighted goals.
TrueOS is:

  1. Corporately sponsored by iXsystems
  2. Based on FreeBSD
  3. Different from FreeBSD
  4. Often referred to as a “desktop” OS, but we actually provide an awesome server as well.

Other quick questions you might have:

  • Do we have hundreds of people working on TrueOS?
  • Do we have dedicated resources for it?
  • Do we have grand aspirations of world dominance?
  • Do we copy the way Linux OS’s do things?
    Absolutely not! We try to do things the right way instead of just slapping patches on patches of hacks to software.
  • Do we share a lot of upstream software with Linux?
    Yes - with differences. (Example: We build/package/distribute the applications very differently)


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