Qs regarding Trident mem/swap handling


Hi there,

I noticed Trident seens to deal with memory way differently than my previous FreeBSDs, TrueOS, PC-BSDs. Out of 16GiB RAM rarely more than 5GiB are used, in extreme cases maybe 10.

With the latest U8 release, I created a 2GiB swap space (as recommended by the installer) which I hadn’t done in years because I never needed it.
Now I get frequent errors

+swap_pager_getswapspace(2): failed

which I’ve never seen before. This leads to force killing apps (while in idle mode over night!) while my RAM is occupied at merely 4.5GiB.

Is this a known issue? Are some mem handling parameters set wrongly? Why are my apps killed even though more than half of my RAM is empty and then even when I am not using the machine? Why is swap even used if there’s plenty of RAM free?



my guess firefox is the culprit/

I have to close it at least once a day to keep that error, and desktop working