Project Trident -- Status


ISO was built. correct

this is the 2nd ISO build was successful

as mentioned on Telegram. Would not boot. typo in the boot sequence. (he just posted this info for the fixes)

A number of fixes: · project-trident/trident-installer@1008049

Detect/load the icon theme (from new OR old name)
Fix typo in start-trident-installer script
Add config file for the cursor theme

@beanpole135 was able to get to finish booting, so he could run the installer and get installed into a BE.

Install progress was never shown. another round of commits and new build later

update 2: (7 August 2018)
getting to the “build ISO” phase regularly. now getting the ISO to get to install properly is the issue. I’ll update as needed

Update 3: (8 August 2018)
a major issue crept into the server (jenkins) all jobs affected. Nothing being done today.

Update 4: (8 August 2018)
Another ISO built this morning, after jenkins build server was “fixed”
Hardware test install. FAIL, no graphics card found.
VirtualBox install. Colour scheme needs adjusting.
Fails, missing a config file.

@beanpole135 is using / cleaning up the documentation as he goes. Very tedious :frowning:

Update 5: (8 August18)
another set of ISO builds. finding more items that were NOT functioning as they should.
Ports tree changed some config settings.
Colours schemes were updated
Icon paths reset to display during setup
Video detection routines tweaked to function better.

Update 6: (13 August 2018)
No update today

Update 7: (14 August 2018)
No updates today.

Update 7: (15 August 2018)
build server was semi-locked up. rebooted successfully. Looks like a full build may be in the works. Will know more tomorrow.

The reason for a full build, which takes a day or two. The crash corrupted the ZSF(?) and, or jail config. which held all of that info, hence the complete rebuild.

Update 8: (17 August 2018)
Looks like a hardware failure. Looks like the SSD is taking a dump. Working on getting a new drive , so we can get back in business.

Update 9: 24 August 2018)
taken from Telegram

Mindaugas, [24.08.18 07:33]
Does anyone know when an .iso will be available on project trident website?

Ken Moore, [24.08.18 07:35]
probably end of next week

Ken Moore, [24.08.18 07:37]
I will be starting a 3-4 day build today which hopefully will be the “final” ISO - but if something fails over the weekend and I have to start another build like that on Monday it might be not be finished until Thursday

Ken Moore, [24.08.18 07:38]
the replacement harddrive for the build server still has not arrived yet (hopefully today?) so our longer builds have a poor track record at the moment. And once I replace the disk we will probably need to do another “fresh” build of everything

So all of the changes, as to bad link, etc. Things are close.

Update: 29 August 2018
screw DHL as a delivery company</personal rant>
as mentioned earlier, bad hard drive. Drive was ordered over 2 weeks ago.

thought we has successful builds, etc. The latest ISO was generated last evening, and tested this morning. So many things were “successfully built”. Until the ISO was checked out.

Drive was finally delivered Monday evening.@beanpole135 was able to get drive swapped out this morning , and a new FULL build is progress. Time will tell