Project Trident Status -- User comments


Builds 60 and 61 are green (61 now the last stable build) and the build status on the Project Trident is ‘passing’ at the moment. Two successful builds in a row are a novelty on the Jenkins page.

Just wanted to express my gratitude on all the work of the developers.

Thank you! And congratulations on your success!


Initial builds, but the ISO build process wasn’t successful.

Waiting on the trueos devs fix the ISO build failure


Builds are passing!


ISO was built. correct

this is the 2nd ISO build was successful

as mentioned on Telegram. Would not boot. typo in the boot sequence. (he just posted this info for the fixes)

A number of fixes: · project-trident/trident-installer@1008049

  1. Detect/load the icon theme (from new OR old name)
  2. Fix typo in start-trident-installer script
  3. Add config file for the cursor theme

@beanpole135 was able to get to finish booting, so he could run the installer and get installed into a BE.

Install progress was never shown. another round of commits and new build later

update 1: (8/7/18)
getting to the “build ISO” phase regularly. now getting the ISO to get to install properly is the issue. I’ll update as needed

Update 2: (8/8/18)
a major issue crept into the server (jenkins) all jobs affected. Nothing being done today.

Will start a separate thread, so this can be used for user comments