Project Trident - Missing packages (curiosity)


With this little python script

# generated with "pkg info -q > my-pkg.list"
fm = open("./my-pkg.list")
ft = open("./pkg.list")
trident =
print("Not found package(s):")
for line in fm:
	if line[:8] == "FreeBSD-":
	i = line.rfind("-")
	pkg = line[:i]
	if not pkg in trident:
		print("%s (%s)" % (pkg,line.rstrip()))

I have compared my packages with the latest pkg.list and these are missing:

$ python3.6 
Not found package(s):
compositeproto (compositeproto-0.4.2)
damageproto (damageproto-1.2.1)
dmxproto (dmxproto-2.3.1)
dri2proto (dri2proto-2.8)
fixesproto (fixesproto-5.0)
fontcacheproto (fontcacheproto-0.1.3)
fontsproto (fontsproto-2.1.3,1)
glproto (glproto-1.4.17)
hs-parsec (hs-parsec-3.1.11_1)
inputproto (inputproto-2.3.2)
ipfs-go (ipfs-go-0.4.13_1)
kbproto (kbproto-1.0.7)
lua51-sysctl (lua51-sysctl-1.0_2)
lumina-notify (lumina-notify-1.3.0_201707030836)
printproto (printproto-1.0.5)
qt5-3d (qt5-3d-5.9.4_1)
qupzilla-qt5 (qupzilla-qt5-2.1.2_1)
randrproto (randrproto-1.5.0)
recordproto (recordproto-1.14.2)
renderproto (renderproto-0.11.1)
scrnsaverproto (scrnsaverproto-1.2.2)
videoproto (videoproto-2.3.3)
xextproto (xextproto-7.3.0)
xf86dgaproto (xf86dgaproto-2.1)
xf86miscproto (xf86miscproto-0.9.3)
xf86vidmodeproto (xf86vidmodeproto-2.3.1)
xineramaproto (xineramaproto-1.2.1)

Please do not consider lua51-sysctl and lumina-notify, I build these two packages from source, but why these *proto packages are missing ? :slight_smile:

#2 is your friend.

I’m on my phone, but most of the *proto packages have been deleted from ports tree


Here is the entry from the UPDATING file in the ports tree:

  AFFECTS: users of x11/xorg and all ports with USE_XORG=*proto

  The xorg *proto packages have all been merged into one package,
  x11/xorgproto.  This might cause issues with upgrading.  If you
  get conflicts between xorgproto and old *proto packages, please
  remove the old package and install xorgproto again.

  In order to remove all orphaned ports, including all *proto port,
  the following can be used after the ports tree has been updated:
pkg version -l \? | cut -f 1 -w | grep -v compat | xargs pkg delete -fy