Problems with Trident (as opposed to TrueOS 18.03 legacy) - xorg.conf, polkit-1, Trident version of trueos-mount - and some other questions


Now that I can run Trident and TrueOS legacy 18.03 on my main system I experience some (annoying) behaviour of Trident.

  1. xorg.conf
    If I use the exact same xorg.conf file from my TrueOS legacy 18.03 BE Trident would not recognize my laptops screen and my external screen. I have to comment out the laptop’s monitor in order to be able to use my external monitor - and not as an extension of the internal screen where I have to use both because Trident would not clone the displays.
    That might be because of Trident using a newer version of xorg which doesn’t understand older xorg.conf files.

  2. polkit-1
    On my TrueOS legacy BE I have dropped filed into the /usr/local/share/polkit-1/rules.d and /usr/local/etc/polkit-1/rules.d, respectively, folder in order to have the reboot/shutdown/standby buttons enabled in xfce. But that doesn’t work anymore with Trident. Yeah, I know, Lumina is the only DE officially supported by Trident. But that was true for TrueOS, too.
    So, if anyone unofficially knows how to get these polkit-1 rules being enforced it would be greatly appreciated

  3. trueos-mount
    With TrueOS I always edited /usr/bin/trueos-mount in order for the automounted drives to show up where I wanted them to show up. But with Trident I haven’t found the file that does the same as trueos-mount in TrueOS, yet.
    Does anyone know what this file is called and where it’s located in Trident?

Some other questions:

A) In Trident there’s this new Updater with it’s rollback feature. Does activating another BE using the Updater do the same as activating another BE using the sysadm client or beadm command in the terminal - or does it more than that? I guess “rollback” is just a new name for the known feature but I just want to make sure.

B) Also regarding the new Updater: Even if I uncheck the box in the autostart menu the window pops up after login. Is there any way to really remove the updater from autostart?

Not a question, more of a heads up: I think it worked once but now I can’t select another BE from the boot menu of the Trident boot screen because the lua bootmanger fails to get a list - or some error along the lines. That might be because of the TrueOS 18.03 BE.
But it’s no problem to select the Trident BE from the boot menu of the TrueOS boot screen.
That’s why I have the TrueOS BE activated, for now.

My tor-tour de Trident - How to have Trident and still keep a TrueOS legacy BE

ZFS versions:
Are backwards compatible, often not forward comapatible.
man zpool
zpool upgrade
zpool upgrade -v
zpool upgrade -a

I don’t know if version of ZFS changed but if it does and you do an upgrade, you may not be able to mount it under old version of the kernel.