Problem deleting folder from Desktop in Lumina


Hi There…!

Self confessed noob here, having never dabbled in BSD previously (mostly run Arch/Void) and only skimmed over TrueOS back at 18.03.

I’ve just installed Project Trident as it is now known (so apologies if it turns out I’m actually on the wrong forum entirely here…) and having configured everything to my liking have predictably created a minor booboo which I hope someone might be able to help with and which isn’t anything too troublesome.

Despite recognising Tor Browser isn’t available for BSD as such nonetheless I downloaded the Nix standalone version, extracted it from the zip and peeked inside. Once I identified that there was nothing in there that was being recognised by Insight, I then elected to delete the same… Despite Lumina to all outward appearances deleting the folder, a notification appears in the tray indicating ‘Remove Finish (Errors Occurred)’ without any further insight as to the nature of the errors, and the folder(s) remain.

Is anyone able/willing to take a guess as to why this may be…?




the the Tor Browser folke apepar to ignore FreeBSD.

There is a TOR mode, but not functioning for some people.

you have to select the zip file, not the contents. insight probably opened lumina archiver



Thanks for the swift insight…! I’d initially, apprehensively, extracted the folder from the initial Dld zip, which I deleted before even peeking into the folder so all that has been left to delete is the main folder with ‘working’ folder inside and, being the Nix DL, the accompanying Shell Script ‘shortcut’… neither of which I could even see when viewing from Insight. It was at that point I thought (all too late) I’d see the error of my ways being too cavalier and be able to step back by just deleting it… Twas not to be. I’ve come across equally ambiguous oddities in Nix on occasion where it’s occasionally been down to the offending article requiring an extra nudge via Sudo for some odd reason… Not sure whether the same required here or even how to go about it :slight_smile:




Boom… from idiot to self proclaimed genius within minutes. It transpires on some actual inspection Insight does indeed include a provision to open it as Root. Upon doing so I was then able to repeat the delete which time did indeed vanquish said folder for good. Why that should be the case is an entirely different question however…!

Thanks again for your help.