PPSSPP not fully working (FMV playback crash)


Experiencing problem with PPSSPP 1.5.4 Qt5. For example DEXTER demo boots just fine and I can play it with sound. However when I choose Play Intro Movie emulator crashes. Tested with other demos and same result. Others have movies straight after boot so they crash instantly.
I always get:

35:29:682 video_playba E[ME]: HW/MediaEngine.cpp:82 FF: Assertion 0 failed at libavcodec/decode.c:1343

Any solution?


I’m only guessing here because I have never heard of or used PPSSPP, but based on that message I’m guessing that the application could not find a codec to decode the bitstream with.
What is the encoding of the movie? MP4, WAV, Quicktime? You may want to look in AppCafe for any extra codecs to install.


according to freshports, that is a psp emulator.

if that’s the case, anything done within the emulator is it’s own issue. Did a search for FMV, nothing found on freshports


Maybe that’s not actually FMV but video and audio sequence in game.


I found out why PPSSPP is not working. It requires FFmpeg 4.0.



I found out that PPSSPP does not require FFmpeg 4.0. It can use system FFmpeg installation or have it built in. Freshports informs about internal FFmpeg updated to 4.0. Successfully built PPSSPP 1.6.3 from ports (ppsspp-qt5) and it works. BTW it’s DAXTER demo.