Power tuning for laptops


Hi all,

After tuning a few of my laptops over a few years I started thinking if there are other ways to extract more hours out of our mobile BSD systems.

Below are my power tunings that I consider to be the most significant:

# enable C-states
# powerd tunings
powerd_flags="-a hiadaptive -b adaptive -i 85 -r 60 -p 100"

# set all states for processor cores to C3

I would be pleased to learn of any other settings that the rest of you have found useful in your practice. With these I can squeeze 5-6 hours out of Asus UX21E and temperatures are as cool as on Linux. This machine used to run very hot under original (OEM) Windows install!



FreeBSD Novice related

/etc/rc.d should be /etc/rc.conf

(otherwise the settings are OK)

I just noticed I can’t edit my message after a while.


Since this was asked months ago I guess it probably won’t be useful to you, but I hope it helps anyone who reads this from now on.
If I’m not mistaken you could try using the new powerdxx (powerd++) instead of the old powerd utility.
And if you got a Intel GPU you could add the following to /boot/loader.conf:
The latter according to the (deprecated perhaps?) info provided by https://wiki.freebsd.org/TuningPowerConsumption (last edited 2014-09-29)


We experimented with powerdxx for a little while in our dev environments, and found that it causes a number of bad system-load bugs. I recommend just sticking with the older “powerd” for now until we can test/verify that powerdxx has been fixed and works properly now.


Oh, I wasn’t aware of that…My bad!
I’ll stick with powerd then :sweat_smile: