Porting mistake


Learning by my mistakes… need a little help… please…
I decided to experiment and install an application via a port for the first time (I’m new to unix and enjoying it).
I read the manual. The wrong manual (FreeBSD’s instead of TOS’s handbook).
So I used ‘portsnap’ to build the local port tree.
It uses a different repository to TOS; so the programs don’t always install, and presumably may not be TOS tolerant.
Discovered I should have used ‘git clone’ instead which uses TOS’s repository.
Q1. How may I safely empty my current ports directory to start over?
Q2. How may I get portsnap to target and use the TOS repository in the make command?

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PS: I saw that both perl5-5.24.3 and python27-2.7.14_1 fail pkg audit, yet FreeBSD’s repository has the fixed next versions.
Can I target the ‘git pull’ towards the FreeBSD repository rather than the TOS’s for these two programs?


BE (boot environments) are your friend.

roll back to a previous BE, and start over

open menu, bottom left if running lumina -> in the top line type “control panel”, and click

look for “Boot Environments”, select the previous BE and reboot


Not sure portsnap would do any good. I think all you need is to clone two git repositories src and ports. Somebody pls correct me if I’m wrong.

SRC is a fork of FreeBSD source code. Ports might use some header files etc from there to be able to build. Sorry, don’t have the git repo link handy right now. You should clone the repo into the /use/src if I’m not mistaken. Don’t forget to switch to a branch you follow stable or unstable.

sudo git clone http://github.com/trueos/freebsd-ports.git /usr/ports
See https://www.trueos.org/handbook/using.html#freebsd-ports


Thanks for assisting Rod, much appreciated…
I couldn’t get a BE prior to my using portsnap so I changed tack and used the pkg PC-Disk Manager to destroy the ports dataset, and then re-created a new /usr/ports, mounting type as legacy [just a guess].
This seems to have worked fine.
I’ve cloned the TOS repository and successfully installed a ported application.
The unix learning curve continues and having fun.


Thanks for the assist Vit.
In the end I decided to use /usr/ports for ‘git’ TrueOS repository as per the TOS handbook AND also then used portsnap on FreeBSD by creating a directory /usr/portsnap and modifying /etc/portsnap.conf to point to it. So then I can ‘portsnap fetch update’ to the new directory - best of both worlds!
Of course, not all FreeBSD ports are tolerant of TOS current, yet most updates from ‘pkg audit -F’ seem to cope… so far.