Port compilation errors on Project Trident


On 12.0-CURRENT using Project Trident

When compiling any port e.g. /usr/ports/databases/sqlite3 I get the following

"/usr/ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk" line 1178
Unable to determine OS version. 
Either define OSVERSION,
install /usr/include/sys/param.h or define SRC_BASE.

There is no /usr/include/sys/param.h file

I tried

$ sudo git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd.git /usr/src

and then ran make config again but the error persists.

Similarly I tried

svn checkout http://svn.freebsd.org/base/release/$(freebsd-version)/ /usr/src

but I get this,

svn: E170013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'http://svn.freebsd.org/base/release/12.0-CURRENT'
svn: E000065: Error running context: No route to host


di you try

git clone http://github.com/trueos/freebsd-ports.git /usr/ports

I don’t think the FreeBSD ports tree works on TrueOS/Trident


:exploding_head: why shud it not work

using below, I have already the latest ports

portsnap fetch extract


I’m not familiar with the inner workings of TrueOS… But I have read other threads on this forums where users where cautioned not to use portsnap at all… And the people that did, typically had to reinstall the O.S. I think @RodMyers was the one that said not to use it, but I can’t remember. I know several more users have cautioned against it. If you used portsnap already, you will have to re-install your O.S. at least that is the advice given on here routinely.


this is NOT vanilla FreeBSD. using vanilla FreeBSD commands, WILL screw your system up


This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.

Would there be a different repo to install ports from in the future.



Yes, once trueos stabilizes things, ports should be available to Project Trident & ghostBSD


what package in particular are you looking for?


I was testing this on sqlite3 but I wanted to compile Chromium, Intellij-Ultimate

Probably there shud be a guidelines for end-users to run pourdriere or something similar to build their own packages on their systems for Trident


on the ever growing list of things. yes

right now, trueos is a moving target. just trying to keep things building is a job and a 1/2.

fingers crossed, once 1812 is released, then we can start working on that list


thank you Rod for keeping us updated


I do my best.

# git clone  https://github.com/trueos/trueos-ports.git /usr/ports

Happy hacking,