PCDM settings - how/where to set default DE?


Jep. A global setting for default DE should not affect security. Maybe as sub-option for “do not show user list” option.


And this is why I boot to “runlevel 3”, log in and type startx. :slight_smile:
Corner cases are always worth reporting. Lots of times they point to some very important bugs, sorry “undocumented features”.


Fixed in our source tree[1]. Now the last desktop which was used system-wide will be saved/reloaded the next time PCDM starts up (even if the user list is hidden).

[1] https://github.com/trueos/pcdm/commit/33110ce3ea1ef51dc39732475c104fb130bc36a1

Stable 17.12 Update

Cool, thanks!
I’ll report back in December. :slight_smile:

If only I could code - then I wouldn’t be restricted to bug complaints but could just commit solutions… sorry!


Ups. Forgot to report back here in december. Did it in some other thread, though, I think.

The promised feature was implemented in the december 17.12 stable udpate.

So, everything’s fine now.

Thanks a lot, developers!