Pc-thinclient removed/depreciated?



Was the pc-thinclient script removed from recent TrueOS versions?
I just wanted to pick up on a project I started back in December last year to build an ansible-managed, fully automated client-deployment and -configuration infrastructure (to ultimately wiping out the remaining Windows-Clients in our Network).
But to my surprise the pc-thinclient script is no longer available on a fresh installation of TrueOS server. On my TrueOS Desktop systems there’s also no trace of the pc-thinclient script. I was using this script to set up the PXE Installserver (why fiddle around manually…)

Were these scripts (or all of TrueOS Thinclient) removed in favour of TrueOS Pico or is this just temporary?

BTW: It would be nice to have a variable/mechanism in pc-sysinstall to define VLANs for the setup and the installed system. Currently I’m installing the clients on my untagged/untrusted VLAN, then injecting the lines into rc.conf via ansible upon first boot after installation. But ansible has to go to the untagged/untrusted LAN segment to bring the client into my client-VLAN.