Pc-sysconfig et al


Not the desktop because that’s typically obscured. I know many people who never have used, probably never will use, the show desktop feature of an OS.

– the underlying assumption is that a panel (with a tray) is reasonably close to ever-present. Exceptions:

  • full screen mode, during which I don’t imagine anyone pulling the plug on anything and in any case it’s inappropriate to disturb full screen mode e.g. video playback with a sign of media connectivity
  • screen saving, with or without a lock.

An eject icon will probably be fine.

Without turning to Windows at this moment: when I think of the countless times I have used the OS to gracefully eject media over the years, I’m vaguely aware of the icon being colourful. Probably green. I can’t recall whether it’s symbolic … if it is (a rectangle, maybe?), it was never large or symbolic enough to be memorable. What’s memorable is that it’s colourful.


Good points. There is the possibility that a Lumina user will turn off desktop icons, and or all panels actually. We would want to allow Lumina to be customized to fit any style.

We could also consider re-imagining pc-mounttray, pc-mixer, pc-nettray as completely new Lumina embedded utilities. Imagine what was mixer is now actually a volume slider, or can be transformed into more like audio levels. Imagine what was nettray now shows signal levels, the network connected, packets per second, and when clicked opens a list of networks. Then an embedded utility to replace mounttray simply shows removable media, and network mounts on the desktop that can be right clicked to unmount.

Even with desktop icons view disabled, and display desktop folder contents disabled the embedded applications such as application launchers can remain viewable.


Embedded counterparts to tray items, yes?

Or replacements for tray items?


Maybe both? Tray applets by default, and offer the choice of either? For that we would need the ability to add, or remove tray applets such as battery. I could see the following benefits to moving into Lumina embedded utilities, or embedded panel applets:

1.) Less github repos. We could move a lot of things to a legacy repo.
2.) When we make updates to the Lumina port for FreeBSD all of those utilities could get included.
3.) The utilities could be adapted to do the right thing for Linux as well, and we could give Linux users more functionality.

I think it could be a better strategy as opposed to a bunch of shell scripts, and standalone tools which fire off in xstartup that could potentially break other DE’s.


To be honest I don’t know how a tray applet might differ from the type of thing that currently runs from a panel …


@grahamperrin I was able to talk to @beanpole135 about this, and he has already had some of the same ideas for integration. We will have to hash it out further as testing progresses to see what we can come up with.