Pair Apple Keyboard


Is there a way to pair Apple Keyboard with TrueOS. I have searched the docs + forum but couldn’t find any information on pair my Apple Bluetooth keyboard with TrueOS.


Bluetooth on FreeBSD, hence trueos is abysmal


abysmal is still a word for nascent hope


always hope. From my understanding, the bluetooth dev is also a dev on another project as well.

Bluetooth as a low priority


may I ask why is blue tooth such a low priority on FreeBSD platform, Is there any good reason or is there something better on the horizon so it’s not necessary


lack of developers.

I forget which project the solo dev also has, but it does have more priority.

Also comes down to how the freebsd foundation spends it’s money.


Apple Bluetooth anything is likely to not work. I bought the iPad mini back in 2012 and I was surprised how many Bluetooth devices did not work with it. Apple is/was very guarded with their Bluetooth specs so only approved devices were guaranteed to work. My android phone at the time was able to use all of them.

When I remember I go to I have set my preferred charity as “The FreeBSD foundation” so on certain items Amazon will donate some money to the charity.


currently my as well


I prefer donating directly to the FreeBSD Foundation :smiley: + subscribe to the mag.


When I donate directly, I’d rather support smaller operations. Like the guy that took on the Ubuntu phone project when Ubuntu abandoned it, or Bhyve, or TrueOS, etc…

How do you like the Magazine subscription?.. I’ve been tempted to get it, but then I think I would never really read them, and talk myself out of it.

Would you recommend it to a newbie like me?


Admittingly I don’t read it properly or often few times to get the value out of it but I do waste money on things here and there that amounts to a few hundred dollars now and then out of my stupidity or it just happens. With this subscription I haven’t found a reason to unsubscribe yet.

It’s less to do with newbie’s because information is quiet basic atleast for me. Considering the number of posts I have made on this forum you might be a level ahead in the newbie category than me.